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Hai, My name is Nachia but you can call me Chi… I am fashion blogger on SecondLife as well as a Clothing Designer. I created Eye Of Fashion blog because I love taking up a challenge and trying new things. I also wanted to let it be known that thick girls are loved too. If you look at alot of blogs (No Offense) there are way more Slim bloggers then Thick bloggers so I wanted to personally cater something to P.H.A.T women because everyone is EQUAL! Regardless of my blog being for P.H.A.T women from time to time I will switch it up.

Blogging is a way for me to express myself. I consider my blog to be very odd (In a good way). I love to color block and step outside of my normal fashion style. I also love weird patterns, colors and FOOD :D. Coming into the blogging world I had no idea that it would be so time consuming but I do love what I do….

 If you have any questions you can look at my other tabs.. Thank you for supporting me throughout my journey and graphical growth… ❤


About Nachia Velez

Hai, My name is Nachia and I am the Owner of Eye Of Fashion Blog... I started blogging because I wanted to try something new.. (I Tend to try new things alot). I started Eye Of Fashion in August of 2014. Over the months I have grown as a person and as a business woman... I enjoy blogging and I hope that everyone enjoys my work..

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