“…..Yeah I see the lust in your eyes
And you know you can’t hide
And your walk and your vibe
Make the boy wanna try

Got a bag of treats like its Halloween
No distractions
No questions asked
It’s slicktastic the freak-o-matic
Guaranteed that satisfaction
Got them whip lashes on your back
Any day Any time if I’m running through your mind
You want this mankind then see me on the time”

Hair// Runaway – Michelle

Hairbase// Paperbag – Candy

Necklace// Luxe – Boca

Bra// [P]Cunt – Kanisha

Bracelets// Mon Cheri – Alma

Panties// Highrize – Lingerie Panties

Waist Shirt// Emery – Lumberjack

Shoes// B.I.P – La’roux

Poses// Murisy – Diamond (Full Body) & Diva

*Shape Made By Yours Truely… Feel free to inquire *

If you would like to know details about anything I did not mention please send all inquires to Nachia Velez v.Facebook or MrsDivaLovee Resident Inworld….

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Hai, My name is Nachia and I am the Owner of Eye Of Fashion Blog... I started blogging because I wanted to try something new.. (I Tend to try new things alot). I started Eye Of Fashion in August of 2014. Over the months I have grown as a person and as a business woman... I enjoy blogging and I hope that everyone enjoys my work..

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