As you know, I’ve been away from Second Life for a few months so I haven’t really had the time to log in and blog. I’m finally back to blogging and I would like to say thank you to those who’s still been supporting Eye Of Fashion even tho I haven’t been posting. I have a bunch of new posts that will be coming up in the future. Lately I’ve been playing around with my avatar and I’ve finally came to conclusion that this will be my final look for awhile.

The credits for nearly everything is listed on the image. However I will still provide that information below.

Hair // Murray – Catherine ( a gift from the Hair Fair )

Hairbase // L’Etre – Messy Hairbase ( Tinted )

Glasses // Sorgo – Clubmaster

Bodysuit // Daeva – Envied Denim Bodysuit | New ツ

 Teleport Here 

Clutch // FAUN – Crossbodied ( No Strap )

Shoes // Cold Ambitions – Asiza Cherry


About Nachia Velez

Hai, My name is Nachia and I am the Owner of Eye Of Fashion Blog... I started blogging because I wanted to try something new.. (I Tend to try new things alot). I started Eye Of Fashion in August of 2014. Over the months I have grown as a person and as a business woman... I enjoy blogging and I hope that everyone enjoys my work..

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